US Blanks play their Trump Card November 30, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Everyone will have their own reasons to go surfing; it might be to relax, for kicks, to catch up with friends, to keep fit, to improve, to be the best we can. However, very few people will surf to further a cause.

That said, I think there are very few in the surf community who will deny benefits of sustainable living. With surfing, comes the privilege of having an intimate connection to the ocean and as such most surfers will not only appreciate the environment, but are likely to have an intuitive understanding of the effect humans have on the world we live in. Every time the tide washes in and we see litter line the tide line, we recognise that slowly but surely our beach front communities will develop and change – not necessarily for the better.

The past few weeks have seen incredible changes to our political landscape, and with Donald Trump – a man who has called climate change ‘a hoax’ and already signalled he will cut climate change funding – winning the US election, questions have been raised about the future of environmental policy throughout the world.

We think that now, arguably more than ever, it is important to remember that as private individuals, as businesses and as a surf community, there is plenty we can do to make the world a better place and support our environment.

Which is why we were so impressed to see the team at US blanks are already leading the way. Beginning last week, their entire production facility and their office is running on solar power alone. Having installed 680 solar panels on the roof of their Southern California factory, the panels will not only provide energy for to run the business, but should allow them to contribute solar energy back to the grid.

In a statement, US blanks said, “We believe that responsible, sustainable business practices foster long term client and employee relationships and grow economy. We know that the surf community shares this belief so we’re excited to let them know that we are fully operational under the sun’s energy.”

At Quiver, our quest for the best materials has been relentless and we have spent years fine tuning every single element of board construction to provide our riders the best possible surfboards, tailored exactly to their style of riding. The fact is, we have never found a better partner than US Blanks. So as they proudly announce that their materials are Sola Made in the USA, we are not only even more proud to work with them, but also really excited to spread the word of this epic change.

In short, our best ever supplier just got better. If you want to join in and support our friends across the pond, we have stickers and laminates for you to use – everyone should #SurfProudly, on foam that is solar made in the USA .

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