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Stephen Friedman


How long have you been surfing?

Started when I was 11 and as I write this I’m 29, so you can do the Math.


Surf Hero?

Never had one to be honest. Just surfed because I love to do it.


Favourite Surf Spot?

So many to choose from, but will always go to where it all began. Bronze Beach Durban South Africa only because that’s where I started to fall in love with riding a wave.


How would you describe your style of surfing?

Pure freedom.


Best career moment?

Still living in the moment… Been lucky to make a living from surfing when I was on the WQS but it was never about results or sponsors for me. I’ve got to travel with the tour and its opened many doors for me. So my best career moment was the very first wave I rode when I was 11 years old as that started the ripple effect to where I am today.


Do you do any cross training with other sports or how do you look after your all-round fitness?

Nowadays I just eat right and stretch every morning and everyday and try to surf as much as possible. When I can’t surf I will swim laps.


Best Ever Surf Trip?

Ummmm that’s like asking me best surf session, honestly all the trips I have gone on have been unique and fun. But nothing beats surfing surf spots that no one has surfed before, I have had my fair share on the coastlines on the continent of Africa. Been to about 80 Countries I would say half of which I have surfed in.

Whats your top five tracks on your IPod?

Anything By the Velvet Underground


Favourite Movie?

UP because that life…


Favourite Surf Movie?

Good Times as that’s the film that I watched when this all started for me.


Worst ever drop in?

I hate crowds anywhere in the world and drop ins happen, they are all the worst.


Best ever wave so far…?

As surfers we are never satisfied as we always want something better that’s why we keep going back for more and more… The best wave will be the last wave I ever ride when I’m really old and before I die.


What boards are you riding?

I’ve been riding the Dirty truck and the WOC…


Advice to anyone buying a board?

Don’t lie to the shaper, be honest with your ability. Your main goal is to have a board that will give you happiness. Ask questions and know what you want to achieve with the board. Its always great to have a certain board for a type of wave. But for an all round board do yourself a favour and get a rounded Pin Tail, it works pretty much for everything.