Mark Egor Harris Profile Image

Mark ‘Egor’ Harris


How long have you been surfing?

I started when I was 6.


Surf Hero?

Tom Curren, Russell Winter, and Matt Hoy.


Favourite Surf Spot?

North Fizzy when it’s on at low tide and a secret spot in the Orkneys.


How would you describe your style of surfing?

Like a swooping wounded eagle trying to dance whilst sucking a lemon.


Best career moment?

Winning the British Nationals at 4-6ft at my local, Fistral, in 2008.


Do you do any cross training with other sports or how do you look after your all-round fitness?

Just a little bit of Yoga and mix it with my own Tai Chi moves for flexibility and inner Zen


Best Ever Surf Trip?

When we spent six weeks in the Orkneys and discovered perfect slabbing right hand barrel and surfed it for the first time with a few good mates.

Whats your top five tracks on your IPod?

Good Times Roll – Kings of Leon
Space Oddity – David Bowie
Another One Bites The Dust – Queen
Wonderwall – Oasis
Starman – David Bowie


Favourite Movie?

Lord of the rings, all of them, they’re epic!


Favourite Surf Movie?

Blue Horizon, the sound track is all time!


Worst ever drop in?

I’ll always try and drop in on my mates and my brother, but I try my best to stay away from crowds so don’t have to deal with being dropped in on.


Best ever wave so far…?

I remember fluking into a big perfect barrel and inside Sunset, which made my trip to Hawaii and it was the second day!


What boards are you riding?

For beach breaks Quiver Epoxy Parabolics, Poppa model. They all absolutely fly! And then I have a 7’3” yellow Quiver Quest gun for when it’s big and hollow.


Advice to anyone buying a board?

I would go in and check out the models for yourself and chat it through with one of the shapers at a friendly surfboard factory like Quiver.