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Grace Doyle


How long have you been surfing?

Around 12 years.


Surf Hero?

Carissa Moore.


Favourite Surf Spot?

That’s a tough one but I think I’ve narrowed it down to Punta Mango, El Salvador!


How would you describe your style of surfing?

I’ve been told I have a smooth style? My focus has been on my technique but I’m definitely focusing on more powerful surfing at the moment in different types of waves.


Best career moment?

Coming 9th place in the Women’s Open at EuroSurf 2015 in Morocco.


Do you do any cross training with other sports or how do you look after your all-round fitness?

Swimming is a key part to my fitness training for surfing, be it in the pool or training with the surf lifesaving team in the sea, where I also compete. I also have a programme at the gym and attend TRX classes which I highly recommend for any surfer for strength, flexibility and core along with some Yoga stretches, especially for the lower back.


Best Ever Surf Trip?

Has to be my recent trip to Macaronis Resort in the Mentawais, where the surf pumped for the duration of the trip. I met some great people and there were plenty of barrels, banter and laughs. It’s a perfect wave and a magical place!

Whats your top five tracks on your IPod?

A bit of a mixed bag on my goes:

The Naked and Famous – Girls Like You
Ben Howard – Conrad
The XX – VCR
Imagined Herbal Flowers – Clouds –
Some Coronas and Kodaline in there too 🙂


Favourite Movie?

The Notebook.


Favourite Surf Movie?

Nike.6.0 Leave a Message.


Worst ever drop in?

I won’t name and shame..this time!


Best ever wave so far…?

Getting barrelled at Maca’s!


What boards are you riding?

Depletor model 5’9
W.O.C Model 5’10
Fat Barstard 5’5
Step up 6’2


Advice to anyone buying a board?

Experiment a little with other boards first so you know what you need in a board in terms of volume and width etc. Talk to your shaper or people who know your surfing really well like a coach or a friend for advice.