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Gordon Fontaine


How long have you been surfing?

I started surfing at around 8/9 years old and have been surfing for just over 17 years now.


Surf Hero?

AI without a doubt, and Dane Reynolds.


Favourite Surf Spot?

Thurso East, Snapper Rocks and KBay (when it’s on!).


How would you describe your style of surfing?

Good question! I grew up being very competitive but now I’m a lot more mellow and focus on having fun and surfing as smoothly as I can.

I like the idea of being able to combine power surfing with flow and link up between each turn, but I’m also a sucker for racing down the line if I see a good punt section.


Best career moment?

Probably when I scored a cover, double page spreads and single page spreads in a whole bunch of international mags with the one shot I got with photographer Tim Jones in Australia a few years back, fair to say I didn’t expect it!


Do you do any cross training with other sports or how do you look after your all-round fitness?

I got back on the old training regime early 2015 but it had to take a halt when my son Ernie was born in April. Back on it now though!


Best Ever Surf Trip?

I did a month and a half of travelling round Indo in 2010, including a boat trip to the Mentawais, and well, needless to say it was epic.

Whats your top five tracks on your IPod?

Hmm I haven’t really got 5 favourite songs as such but if I was to have 5 favourite artists it’d probably be Animal Collective, Future Islands, Fleet Foxes, Bob Dylan and Dan Reeder? Among many others.


Favourite Movie?

Gold the movie, by Sterling Spencer.


Favourite Surf Movie?

Gotta be one of the old school ones, Because (2002) springs to mind, but before that Taylor Steele’s Loose Change (1999) and Volcom’s Magnoplasm (1998).


Worst ever drop in?

I surf Bournemouth Pier so my worst ever drop in happens every time I surf!


Best ever wave so far…?

I scored a 6ft bomb at Snapper Rocks a few years back, right behind the rock, free fell into a 5 second barrel then the wave went on to provide me with the longest wall of goodness, 6 or 7 top turns later I found myself way past Greenmount and naturally exhausted. That was good!


What boards are you riding?

I’ve got a few at the moment but the one I’m riding most of the time is my Thumb, it’s a model I developed with Phil a couple of years ago and is by far my favourite board now. Really smooth outline throughout with a thumb tail (hence the name); it’s really fast, flies through flat sections and fits sweetly in steeper pockets too. But what I like the most is the drive I get from one turn to the other, smooth as butter…


Advice to anyone buying a board?

Don’t over estimate your skills, more volume is better than less volume, worst case scenario you’ll catch plenty of waves and the slight difficulty you’ll have in turning the board will only make you a more powerful surfer. Whereas a board with too little volume will have you catch less waves and sink through flat sections. Seems simple but a lot of people get sucked into trying to look cool by owning the smallest board possible. Now I prefer a board with more volume.

Photography Credits
Portrait by: Gary Knights
Surf shot by: Ricky Bedding