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Ben Bennett


How long have you been surfing?



Surf Hero?

The one and only Tom Curren.


Favourite Surf Spot?

High tide at Constantine Bay.


How would you describe your style of surfing?

I would love to describe it as smooth, but that definitely what I’m working towards.


Best career moment?

Winning the overall championship at the British Nationals.


Do you do any cross training with other sports or how do you look after your all-round fitness?

I box over at Mad Micks boxing gym, he’s a great trainer and its amazing all round fitness for your surfing.


Best Ever Surf Trip?

A trip I did to somewhere in Indonesia, had perfect uncrowded waves with just me and a friend out!

Whats your top five tracks on your IPod?

Nirvana – About a girl
The Rolling Stones – Gimmie Shelter
Dr. Dre – Still Dre
The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines
Bob Dylan – Hurricane


Favourite Movie?



Favourite Surf Movie?

First Chapter.


Worst ever drop in?

An old boy that dropped in on me didn’t realise I was there and did a cutback and ran over me and my board.


Best ever wave so far…?

The first wave I every caught myself and rode across the face! I was hooked from them on.


What boards are you riding?

I’m currently riding a 5’10″x19’1/8″x 2″7/16 epoxy Weapon of Choice Stubble


Advice to anyone buying a board?

I think my main advice would be not to get a board that is too narrow or thin, a common mistake is to buy a board that doesn’t have enough volume especially for the waves we get in the UK.