The Delpero Square Tail

“Innovation and Performance”
~Alain Minvielle

The Delpero Square Tail model is our new performance pro model for 2011.  We welcome newly signed International World Champion Longboarder:  Antoine Delpero to the 2010 Quiver Team together with renowned French shaper Alain Minvielle.
Alain Minvielle has perfectly designed this top end model for longboard riders that want a high end model that truly allows performance surfing in faster, hollow waves.

"This board is a performance longboard that I use in average to big waves.  It fits the curl of the wave very well, even in sick waves because of the narrow square tail and the adapted rocker. It also has a good nose for noseriding in the critical section of the wave and in flatter part too."  Antoine Delpero 

The below dimensions are guidelines and we can completely customise a board for you.  

Length Width Thickness Price
9’ 0” 21 7/8” 2 3/8” £679 Buy
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