Q-Star Quiver Surfboard

Q-Star – Q-Tech Level 0

“For serious manoeuvrability”

The Quiver Q-Star: This good wave longboard will allow a quick trip up to the nose but designed primarily for off the tail performance surfing in better waves.

The Q-Star has a single concave through the nose to double concave in the back third with a squash tail / rounded pin. The board displayed is the Epoxy Carbon Rail parabolic version (CRT model) – light, strong, expensive, with unreal flex properties.

The below dimensions are guidelines and we can completely customise a board for you.
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Q-Tech Level 0 Spec:

This is a traditional construction surfboard.



SizeWidthThicknessVolume (L)
9’ 0"21 5/8"2 1/2"

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