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Poppa II – Q-Tech Level 5

“The team's favourite shortboard. A must have in your quiver of Quivers.” – Phil Hodge

The Poppa II is a board you can use when the waves are weak, but can be used in the comps as a shortboard. Comes with a rocket, squash or a swallow tail.

Should be ridden 1-2 inches shorter and slightly wider that your normal board. This is the board that will win competitions.

The below dimensions are guidelines and we can completely customise a board for you.
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Q-Tech Level 5 Spec:

This is a Hemp Bio Epoxy board.



SizeWidthThicknessVolume (L)
5’ 9"18 3/8"2 1/8"23.5
5’ 10"18 5/8"2 3/16"25.1
5’ 11"18 3/4"2 1/4"25.4
6’ 0"18 7/8"2 5/16"
6’ 1"19 1/8"2 3/8"28.4
6’ 2"19 1/2"2 3/8"29.5

Price – TBC

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