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Bumble Bart – Q-Tech Level 5

“The Bumble Bart gets you BUZZING no matter what the waves look like!!!” – Phil Hodge

The Bumble Bart: Forward wide point with a stub nose and pulled in round pin tail means you get the rail feel of a good wave board but with the stability and paddle power of a fish. Its a super fun board that is just as comfortable in 1 foot junk as it is in 6 foot barrels!!!!

Seriously this is a one for all stick that you wont want to get off!! Deep single to double through the fins with slight vee off the tail gives you concentrated speed through the fins with great hold on deep bottom turns and carves. Medium rocker throughout with the shortened all round template means it sits in the pocket all day whether its upside down or the wrong way round!! Such a sick little board, what did you do without it!!

We can make this board in a range of sizes from 5'5 to 6'8 and the below dimensions are guidelines of the standard stock sizes. Please get in touch with us for the full range of sizes / dimensions.
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Q-Tech Level 5 Spec:

This is a Hemp Bio Epoxy board.



SizeWidthThicknessVolume (L) 
5’ 6"19 1/4"2 3/8"24.6
5’ 8"19 3/8"2 3/8"27.1
5’ 10"19 1/2"2 7/16"
5’ 11"19 3/4"2 7/16"29.5
6’ 0"19 7/8"2 1/2"30.9
6’ 2"20 1/4"2 5/8"34
6’ 4"20 1/2"2 5/8"

Price – TBC

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