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We are excited to introduce our most recent team rider, Heiko Bertschinger, Heiko is a 19 year old Swiss surfer. Switzerland is an unusual place for a surfer to originate from yet Heiko’s addiction to mother nature in particular the ocean, from a young age has led to his success in the surfing world.

We ask him a few questions about his career so far

Quiver: What does surfing mean to you?

Heiko: My life was not always simple, which is why surfing became a big part of my life. I find that whilst surfing I can forget all the bad things that have happened. It makes me feel free, alive and connected to the sea.

Quiver: How have you got to where you are?

Heiko: To become a surfer in Switzerland was not easy, and in order to get the respect from people was even harder. However, I just kept going and going, because I learnt something in life, it is important to never give up and to fight for your dreams. The most important thing to know was from nothing, comes nothing so I started to train a lot. Regardless of weather conditions, even when it was snowing or when it was stormy outside i still went out and surfed until i could not paddle anymore. This improved my surfing dramatically and i eventually got into the surfers magazine and then i did some interviews for some newspapers. This is why I think i got to where i am now because i am motivated and take everything in my stride. I have learnt though surfing that if you want something then you really need to work for it then it becomes reality. It is a privilege to be supported by Quiver surfboards.

Quiver: What boards do you ride?

Heiko: I am riding the Weapon of Choice (W.O.C) boards because it is such a powerful board with a lot of momentum in the rails, so it is perfect for aggressive and powerful surfing, which my style leans towards. Even in standing river waves it allows me to do everything which i want to do.

Quiver: What does your quiver of quiver boards looks like?

Heiko: I ride a Weapon of Choice (W.O.C) series, my boards range from 5.7 up to 6.1 with a squash tail and pin tails

Quiver: What are your upcoming and future plans?

Heiko: Wow that is a good question, I have a lot of plans.

The most important plan for my future is to stay healthy and to share the spirit of surfing with as many people as possible. For many years it has been my dream to travel to the Philippines and Indonesia, I am dreaming about surfing cloud 9, in tropical waters. Another major plan is to emigrate from Switzerland to Newquay, because i have visited a few times and i cant stop thinking about a life there. Longterm plans when i am older i would love to own a surf camp and just be happy.

Finally, to start of the NewYear, this January i will complete an interview for a swiss radio station as well as creating a season video for 2017, so i plan to travel a lot this year and I hope to win some contests.

Keep an eye out for this inspiring young surfer over the next year, exciting times ahead.