Board Fins Image

Your fin setup will totally change the characteristics of your board.

Single fins with the exception of longboards are considered to be a very retro setup. You have to very patient with a single fin and make sure you utilise every bit of the energy the wave has to offer. However get it right and this setup will reward you with long arcing turns that will have everyone one in the line up wishing they had as much style as you.

The twin fin setup makes for a seriously manoeuvrable ride. When turning, one fin will act as a anchor while the other pivots around it. This gives a very lively and loose feeling which can be great fun in smaller surf. When the surf gets a bit bigger twin fins become more difficult to control often sliding out on big bottom turns.

The thruster setup consists of three fins usually equal in size. It’s the most common setup you will see in the lineup and this is for a good reason. It’s incredibly versatile. A thruster setup will be just as at home in 2ft mush as 12ft+ steep walled barrels. The main drawback is that this setup is slow in a straight line, but on the flip side it allows you to pump for speed by going from rail to rail.

Quads are usually made up of 4 fins with the front pair being slightly larger than the rear. As a quad has no centre fin, it’s actually very fast in a straight line. This makes it great for charging down the line, although it can often spit surfers way out past the pocket before they realise whats happening. They generate incredible hold in big powerful carves but this same hold can make it tricky to get release when attacking the lip.