Epoxy has more pop, is lighter and will make your board feel like its brand new for years to come.

If you have never tried one of our epoxy boards, we highly recommend it. The boards feel incredibly lively and just want to push your surfing faster, higher and further than you thought possible.

Our EPS or Epoxy boards are made by combining US Blanks, Superfused Molded EPS blanks and Resin Research Bio Resin. The moulded blanks come preshaped meaning that the is less wasted foam and energy during the shaping process. The epoxy resins we use are made up of between 38-48% bio content with far fewer VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This combined with the fact that the boards don’t take on water and stay fresh for years to come, means that you can feel that bit better about the board between your legs in the line up.

Check out the short films below from our team riders Egor and Gordon below, talking about there experiences with Epoxy tech.